Thursday, May 5, 2011

Large Oil Paintings

The Pier Cafe
36" x 24"

16" x 20"

Still Life with Eel
19" x 25"

The Scarecrow
19" x 25"

30th Street
24" x 30"


  1. I think what you guys are doing is a great idea and you work is very good. But why go to VA to study with Robert Liberace when in LA you have a bevy a very talented artists there. Adrienne Gottlieb, Jeremy Lipking, Alexy Steele, Aaron Westerberg, and Los Angeles Academy of Fine Art are all right there in your area. If I lived in L.A. I would be so thrilled to be near such talent. Here is the LAAFA address .

  2. I wish I could donate because I think both you are so skilled. I'm amazed at how natural light feels natural in these, especially in the first painting.

    I may not be able to donate, but I did link to your page on my blog:

    I hope that at least generates a wee bit more traffic for you!

    Good luck, and keep painting,

  3. Morgen: Thanks for the advice! That's a good point, but Mr. Liberace's work is more in tune with our goals, and one of the biggest draws of VA is going to DC to study Fortuny's masterpieces (we only have a tiny study of his in LA).

    Lindsay: Thanks for your comments and support! We really appreciate your help :) Your lithos are beautiful btw.